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Build your own personal home automation technology arduino!

Welcome, human!

Phatduino is a system using the Arduino microcontroller board to control your home!

  • It is cheap!
  • It is powerful!
  • It is customizable!

And it is so easy to build!

Check through using the upper navigation panel to get to know more about its different components!



iYucca, the twittering yucca tree, is almost back!

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Sadly, a quick look at the iYucca twitter page reveals that the last digital sign of life of my precious yucca tree lies over two years back. Partly because of my missing green thumb and partly because of the low light conditions that iYucca was exposed to it did unfortunately not make it to 2013. However, the absence of a delicate iYucca might change soon. This weekend I took some time to design a new flower pot for iYucca that makes up for my questionable gardening abilities. Thus, it features an automatic watering system, a water tank lasting at least four months, a bright red low water level warning light and perfectly integrates with the Phatduino environment which enables it to be accessed and monitored via internet. As water and electricity make a dangerous mix, the new iYucca pot also features extensive emergency shutdown abilities with two emergency switches enabled by water contact. Soil moisture will be determined by a capacitive measurement whereas the water tank level weight will be determined by a load cell. The photos show some drafts from the planning phase as well as a circuit inspired by Dietmar Weisser. The last photo gives a first idea about the interior of the future iYucca pot.


Phatduino 2.0 — Cogito ergo sum.

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I think, therefore I am. The Phatduino 2.0 breadboard has been soldered and assembled into a neat case. Also, the Phatduino code has been rewritten from scratch. Constraints to the rewriting process were the microcontroller's memory use, the Arduino Ethernet interface connection limitations and the timely processing of sensor and user input data.

While ‘intelligent’ light automation is already running, an iPhone Web App helps the user control Phatduino's unique and custom-tailored automation capabilities. At the current state, Phatduino 2.0 integrates PHP, MySQL, Cosm, 433 MHz RF communication and direct user input. Compared to the his little brother, Phatduino 2.0 provides an improved, faster and safer automation workflow.

iYucca still remains to be integrated. Welcome to a brand new Phatduino world!


Phatduino 2.0 — Rough and Ready

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The breadboard has been milled with the help of the Westphalian Energy Institute and the majority of components are already assembled. It will be ready for use as soon as all sensors have been placed. Additionally, an autonomous node called "Solarduino" will send weather-related data to Phatduino that will be processed in the Phatduino routine. Stay tuned for the most important update in Phatduino history and have a look at the milled breadboard!


A new star is on its way.

As time passes by there is a new Phatduino board in development. Instead of hacking wireless equipment to remote control home appliances, a whole new breadboard is gonna carry all wireless components necessary for communication. Furthermore I am working on a wireless low-cost sensor system. (Yes, even cheaper than Arduino!)


Phatduino starts printers automatically.

Since today Phatduino uses an applescript to start and shut down my printer whenever I want to print something. The code still has to be improved, but since I started learning applescript there is certainly more to follow!


Visit iYucca on Twitter!

iYucca is the incredible Yucca tree twittering about his feelings and concerns. It is part of my Phatduino project and uses the soil moisture sensor and the temperature sensors to generate nice tweets in English and German at But shhh... this tree has a true soul speaking from his roots, so be mindful listening to our new fellow!


I know you want me.

Welcome to! Phatduino is an interesting, intuitive and inspiring home automation system realized with Arduino. Feel free to build your own Phatduino! And if you are looking for the full code: Santa Clause has loaded lots of goodies on his sleigh!
If you are using Firefox, Safari or IE 8 you will not experience any problems. For older versions of IE the layout still has to be fixed.
Please enjoy yourself reading all about Phatduino!


Yeah! There's light at the end of the tunnel.

I lied to you. Now we got a beautiful comment function and some impressive photos in here, realized with Shadowbox, a nice Captcha script and a lot of program work. And finally all the comments are written in a nice SQL database. is now almost ready for launch!


This is just more work than I thought!

Hey folks! It is close to midnight now and I am facing reality concerning the date this project should be thru. I am taking a lot of time with writing the whole stuff together and I do not think I can realize all my plans in the next week, I still wanted to implement a gallery and a comment function to make this page ready for Web 2.0. But I will try to give my best to finish at least the automation section before I pass this page to my professor.


Navigation and controls have been built!

Awesome! I spent the last days coding the navigation in PHP. To be honest I didn't think it would be so hard doing PHP again after a long time, but I am glad I managed to make a proper navigation on my own. I also like the idea of the bars in the navigation being kind of "hand-drawn". Hopefully I can improve on that, I am already thinking about using the concept as a "red line" on my page.

By the way: This page was built for an informatics project, but its real purpose is to serve the great Arduino and home automation community out there! If you find something "undelightful" on this page then please share your thoughts with me and give me a feedback!